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Effective Java Points: The Prologue

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Effective Java Points: The Prologue

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·Dec 26, 2020·

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This is the collection which I am writing based on the book Effective Java by Joshua Bloch . The book contains a lot of recommended practices (90 to be precise) collected in bundles based on chapters/concepts. These are a lot to read and remember at at time.

This collection aims to list down an overview of all those items bundled according to chapters for reference in time to come. I am hoping that it may serve as a reference while talking to convey a concept like the design patterns.

The concept would not be explained as otherwise the collection would just become a copy of the original book. This collection should just serve as a cheat sheet or like a note you take after learning something, and remember the concept just by reading the headline. If we can’t, we can always go back to the book(source) or just search online. Those who haven’t read the book would get to know things they didn’t know before.

I have seen a couple of initiatives similar to these but those couldn’t be completed. I am hoping that it would add some value to others too.

The Big Index

Lets see what this collection should cover:

  1. Creating and Destroying Objects
  2. Methods Common to All Objects
  3. Classes and Interfaces
  4. Generics
  5. Enums and Annotations
  6. Lambdas and Streams
  7. Methods
  8. General Programming
  9. Exceptions
  10. Concurrency
  11. Serialization

Hmm, I wanted to make a medium collection of all these. I contacted support but currently, only prominent writers can make them with Medium staff. I found the UI of that feature nice. However, I've decided to keep it here on Hashnode.

Best of luck! I hope it should create some value.

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